We have the best pizzeria in Marriottsville, MD, with New York-Style pizza and hot-oven specialties. Come and see for yourself.

Brothers Giovanni, and Paolo Morra arrived in the United States in the mid-1980s, thousands of miles from their picturesque sea-side Italian town of Monte di Procida outside of Naples. They were only teenagers at the time, but they brought with them an incredible wealth of culinary knowledge and experience. By the time each turned 6 years old, the Morra children would begin working and observing the operation of their family bakery, owned and run by their father, Mario. By the time they were ready to depart for the United States, Giovanni and Carlo were experienced in the kitchen.

In 2017 Paolo, who arrived in the United States last, proudly unveiled their newest in the Trattoria restaurant family: Go Primo’s New York Pizza company in the Marriottsville, Maryland. 

Go Primo’s offers a host of hot oven specialties such as Stromboli, calzoni, various pasta dishes, and oven-toasted subs made on homemade sub rolls. Rest assured, the hallmark and focus of this establishment is the pizza.  Go Primo’s does a serious New York style pie with big, cheesy, thin crust slices loaded with all your favorite toppings from the traditional favorites such as pepperoni and sausage to gourmet toppings such as artichoke, arugula, spinach, and red roasted pepper.

Go Primo continued the community outreach of its sister restaurants with a fundraiser for Marriott Ridge High School giving back 20% of proceeds from restaurant revenue for school programs. Go Primo also partners with veterans, and offers a 10% discount for veterans who show relevant service ID.